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Recruiting FAQ's

We accept only enthusiastic people who are willing to commit to regular training and committee meeting, plus events and searches. A search is an emergency and can happen at any time. Our volunteers need to be ready to be deployed into the field at a moment's notice.

Vernon SAR has an annual January/February intake, depending on the needs of the team.  Intake or recruitment advertising is posted on our website and in the local newspaper as well as varioous social media.

Individuals who are joining SAR solely for a sense of adventure or personal gain, or who do not have the time to serve, are uncomfortable working in a team, or who can not commit to a minimum two years requirement.

We look for individuals who share our strong desire to serve the community who:

  • have the availability and commitment to serve;
  • are capable of working in demanding environments;
  • can follow leadership;
  • will work as a member of a team;
  • can perform under stress;
  • are self motivated;
  • are willing to maintain a high level of skills and fitness;
  • have no criminal record

and are willing to do the non-glamourous work that keeps the team running (attending training, meetings, maintenance, and PR events, to name a few).

You can browse our website for more information. Or you can email us at with your specific questions. Another good resource is the British Columbia Search and Rescue Association.

If you are considering joining a Vernon Search and Rescue (VSAR) team, learn as much about SAR as you can.  Most SAR groups are volunteer based.  You will be expected  to invest much your own time and perhaps some of your own money on personal equipment.