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Sugar lake Snowmobilers

Sugar lake Snowmobilers

Mar 09, 2020

Two local individuals are thankful for not having to spend a dark, lonely night in the snow-covered mountains.

Late Saturday, Vernon Search and Rescue was contacted by the RCMP to assist with two snowmobilers stuck in the Sugar Lake area.

As VSAR teams mobilized, communication with the subjects through cell phone was established, and they were encouraged to stay with their machine and await rescue.

The two had been enjoying the sunny day and great snow conditions, doubling on their machine when they got stuck roughy 16km from where they left their truck. Anticipating a trip of only a few hours, they hadn’t brought extra warm clothing, emergency supplies or gear to start a fire with them.

VSAR teams located the subjects’ truck after dark, and sent a team of seven searchers to find them. Conditions were cold with clear skies. There was recent fresh snowfall and an avalanche assessment showed moderate to considerable risk in the area.

Within two hours, the search team arrived at the subjects’ location and was surprised to find that the two had “excavated a hole in the snow the size of a truck,” commented the search team leader. “Despite their hard work, they weren’t able to free their machine. Working together, our search team was able to lift their snowmobile out of the hole, and we all drove back out.”

Back safe at their truck, the two were cold, exhausted and extremely thankful. “Thanks to you guys, we made it out! Can’t tell you guys how much we appreciated the help,” were the words of one of the subjects.