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Our members - an integral part to our success

Our members - an integral part to our success

Our members - an integral part to our success

May 26, 2016

The members of Vernon Search and Rescue are volunteering to make a lasting difference around our community and beyond.

Our members have a variety of backgrounds and life experiences

We have approximately 65 members, who come from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences. From accountants, to trade workers, office personnel, wildlife expert, craftsmen and teachers, retirees all bring various skills to our organization. Over a third of the membership has over a decade of experience, with nearly 10 members having over 20 years. Six of its members are provincial instructors in the various disciplines; four have been BCSARA directors; three have been BC SAR Volunteer of the Year; one has been a Search and Rescue Volunteers Association of Canada Director (the federal liaison group between the volunteers and the federal government); and one has won the National SAR Lifetime Achievement Award. Over the years, Vernon SAR has received numerous commendations and awards from EMBC, the RCMP, and various municipal governments. Some of the reasons why our members volunteer with us:

  • Like to give back to the community
  • Make a difference in someone's life
  • Building new skills

Years of experiences

" I started search and rescue when hemp ropes where used for climbing."

We have a few members who were some of the founders of Vernon Search and Rescue. VSAR was originally started by the Vernon Fish and Game Club.

It is worth noting that Vernon SAR operates on a 100% volunteer basis, and volunteers are not compensated for their time they must take away from their family and work for task, training, or administration.