In Case of Emergency Call 911

Ice Rescue Callout

Ice Rescue Callout

Jan 07, 2016

Vernon SAR was called to respond when an individual at the north end of Swan Lake spotted a head surfacing repeatedly far out on the ice, then disappearing altogether.

A Vernon SAR technician trained in ice rescue investigated this, finding a hole in the ice surrounded by footprints... from an otter.

Thankfully, the all the emergency personnel on hand (including RCMP, Fire Rescue, and Ambulance) did not need to exercise their life-saving skills.

Vernon Search and Rescue would like to remind locals and visitors that with the frequently changing weather conditions and the unpredictable areas of "soft ice" on the lakes, to be extremely careful when venturing out onto ice.

Our wishes are that everyone enjoying the natural beauty of our wilderness surroundings enjoy a happy - and safe - 2016.