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Enderby Cliffs Rescue - Hiker and Dog

Enderby Cliffs Rescue - Hiker and Dog

Jul 06, 2015

In July of 2015, Vernon SAR responded to a request by the RCMP to locate and rescue a lost hiker in the area of the Enderby Cliffs, north of Vernon.

The subject's position was located from the air, and Vernon SAR team members were able to assess the situation from a bird's-eye-view. Difficult terrain did not allow for the helicopter to land, so a three-man team was inserted as close to the subject as possible, approximately 1.5 km away.

It took the SAR team approximately 2 hours to reach the subject, having to negotiate through extremely thick foliage, swamp, and steep drop-offs.

The subject had done many things right; once she realized she was lost and unable to hike out on her own, she found shelter and water in a position which allowed her to be seen, called for help and then stayed in place while she awaited rescue.

The Vernon SAR team recognized that in her condition, extracting her by ground was not practical, and the Penticton HETS (Helicopter External Transport System) team was called in.

First, the subject was airlifted to safety, then the Vernon SAR team, along with the subject's dog.

The subject was attended by ambulance crews at the on-site Incident Command.

Vernon Search and Rescue thanks all those who assisted in making this task a success, including the members of the RCMP, EMBC, and the Penticton SAR HETS team.