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Diversified training

Diversified training

Diversified training

Jan 22, 2017

Practice and application is an integral part of our training roster. Our training focuses on the techniques we will be using in the field on actual tasks.

A solid platform of established practices that get refined through repetition and member input, as well industry established practices. A large part of a member's initial training is done in house, by experienced searcher and instructors. Some helped shape the Search and Rescue manual in the province of British Columbia and are also provincial instructors.

Training and practice within the team expands knowledge and build cameraderie besides improving and refinig someone's skills.

Training Schedules

Typically training within the unit is held on Tuesday of every week, and the occasional weekend in and around Vernon and Coldstream, British Columbia. Specially teams training, (e.g. rope) is practiced on a rotational basis. Our training needs are reviewed by the Training Director, SAR management/specialty team leaders and operational requirements, as well as current best practices and techniques and adjusted accordingly.

Risk management and safety is an integral part of all components.

Types of Training

This is but a small list of things we train in.

  • First Aid
  • Map, Compass, GPS, Mapping software
  • Communication, VHF, UHF, Ground to Air radio, Air-Band, FRS and related topics
  • Vehicle, Boat, Aircraft/Helicopter considerations and working around such equipment
  • Water (Swift/Still) – Ice – Snow/Winter
  • Man Tracking
  • Rope rescue
  • Helicopter Winch operations
  • Road safety
  • Evidence searches and handling of such