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There are no restrictions on who can become a member, and the group consists of both genders. The only requirement is that each possible member completes the basic training as required by Emergency Management BC (formerly the Provincial Emergency Program) and be over the age of 19 years, however there are some exceptions to this. Please contact us for more details.

Although for many, the basic course is just a stepping stone into one of the many specialties of search and rescue, including search management, swift water rescue, flat ice rescue, rope rescue, avalanche rescue, and tracking. To maintain skills, the volunteers meet weekly at the operations centre and perform scheduled training exercises or simulated searches.

It is worth noting that Vernon SAR operates on a 100% volunteer basis, and volunteers are not compensated for their time they must take away from their family and work for task, training, or administration.

Our question and answer pages will more then expand on the above.

We are not recruiting for 2018. Email us at MIT 2019, to be informed when our 2019 recruiting will begin.

We encourage people who are considering applying for membership to take this free, online introductory Search and Rescue course developed in cooperation with the BC Search and Rescue Association, the Justice Institute of BC and the RCMP. While this is not a requirement for a membership on our team it will give you some insights about how Search and Rescue works in British Columbia.